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 CAREducation Trust Limited
3 Galley House, Moon Lane, Barnet, Herts EN5 5YL

Set Up: 1997
Madhapar, Bhuj, Gujarat
Number of Children Supported: 
Over 1200
Age Group: 
5 – 18 years
Type of Education/Assistance: 
Primary, Secondary, Vocational Training, Residential Hostel, Healthcare

CARE has built the largest centre for naturally challenged children in Kutch. CARE also has satellite centres that outreach to local villages in Kutch to educate children with learning disabilities via mobile classrooms covering 8-9 Talukas (districts).

Local Partners: Shree Navchetan Andhjan Mandal

Prior to CARE’s Involvement:  An earthquake in 2001 affected Gujarat, causing devastating damage to the previous school.

CARE’s Impact: CARE has built a new bigger centre with a hostel for 200 boys, a school, a braille library, a medical centre and a physiotherapy room. There is also another campus for 160 girls. CARE focuses to teach children basic hygiene and life skills to provide them with an integrated education and care.

“We were very impressed with the way they accommodate for individuals with various types of disabilities and abilities with a barrier free environment which enables the students to move around independently and freely without assistance. It was an amazing experience and has taught us a lot, not just about how talented and special these children are but also about the way they appreciate even the smallest things that we take for granted every day. We enjoyed every moment of our trip and would definitely visit again and encourage others to do the same too because it was a wonderful opportunity and experience with lots to learn from.” Janvi & Bhavik

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