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Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Why We Exist?

Mahatma Gandhi was so moved by the injustice, poverty and misery he saw all around him it ultimately led him to renounce the world of material pleasures and lead a life of austerity. Though the inception of CARE wasn’t quite as poignant, the principle was the same.

In 1997, a few of us like-minded friends were so moved by the images of suffering and sadness constantly beamed by the media, and also our personal experiences, that we decided to get involved and try and do something to help however many unfortunate people we could.

  • However, practical issues posed a problem. If we donated to a charity, would the money ever reach its recipients?
  • Would administrative costs minimise what was actually meant to be spent on the needy?

We decided that the best way to find the answers to our questions, was to actually take the matter into our own hands, get involved at a grassroots level and start something ourselves. This way we would be able to see direct results of our efforts. Fortunately for us, support came in droves. Friends, family and word of mouth spread the message rapidly and our fledgling dream soon took concrete shape.

CAREducation Trust was born.